The paradox

Why people judge your capacity based on numerical figures called grade?

Given a scenario, you’re mom hit by a fast-moving car and eventually dies. Here comes the driver of the car, telling you he’s willing to pay a certain amount of money for you not to sue him. More likely, you will not agree on this, because you will probably tell that person that your mother’s life has no equivalent (material thing). So getting back on the grade shit, one’s intelligence is basically based on grades. I really don’t get it. Why? Simple, life has no equivalent value, why it is our forefathers acculturated an idea which one’s person intelligence can be measured using numbers? As far as my humanity is conscious, intelligence is an attribute of life. Why use numbers, or judge a person using numerical figures?

I’m posting this not because I was judged or being judge through grades. Well in fact, I may consider myself as part of the Alphas. In anyhow, I’m posting this I want to express my perplexity about grade-is-intelligence shit.


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