In a Relationship +(plus) Sex

I wonder, is it really usual to have sex with your not-yet-wife/husband-partner when both of you decided to consider your kind of interaction with each other as relationship? Really, nowadays? I’m a Filipino who grew up in Philippines, my country, and I’m not familiar with the other countries’ culture, or whatever it may be called. As far as my knowledge of our history is aware, Filipinos were very conservative. I’m talking about history here, therefore – it’s from the old folks, or some may call it primitive, very primitive. I’m turning 20 this year, so my social colleagues are also around that figure. So whenever we are on a circle and having a chat, it’s very usual (or casual) to have a conversation with their relationship (/shit) and its intimacy is expressed on sexual activity, or sex in short (in some perspective, it sounds like bragging). As a person, I really don’t get it – sex when both of you are not yet married to each other. Maybe this might sound morale, for me sex must be put after marriage. “Sex after marriage? What era are you living with?!”, more likely that’s the expression-question if someone of my age would hear my opinion. They would start telling me that the era has changed, no more space for my ideal, and it’s a man’s move. Well, that’s their opinion, this is still mine – Sex for me is for reproducing your own kind with your chosen partner that you’ve managed her to agree with exchanging kiss(es) and ring(s). And in reply on the “it’s a man’s move”, I guess what I’m about to declare is being more man: Sex for pleasure? Not with me – I think of my parents; What if everything goes wrong, it’s a big responsibility being a parent at a young age, am I capable enough?; and Did I court her for sex, or for her to be my soon-enough-life-partner? Maybe you will tell I’m very idealistic and in reality I can’t even make this possible with myself. Sorry, you’re terribly wrong. When I was on a relationship, I can’t remember the idea of having sex with my opposite-gender partner got into my head and consciousness. Also, the urge of sexual-intercourse, sure never did. I think this matter is simply just being matured, matured enough – NOT matured-wannabe. It’s about taking on considerations of multiple things. It’s like thinking three steps ahead.


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