Jes Yang is SCARED

I’m scared. I have no idea what the industry needs. I’m very scared.  Yes, hindi naman sa nagbubugat ako ng sariling bangko – I can safely say na I’m part of the top of the class. Sabihin na natin na lamang ako sa karamihan in terms of knowledge sa track namin as IT students. Pero hindi pa rin ako confident sa anong meron ako. What if these are not relevant or needed in the industry? What if it’s not yet enough? Di ba? Nakakatakot. Ang hirap magkaroon ng peace of mind. This is no longer within the four walls ng school na meron pang finals kung bumagsak ka sa midterm, o kaya may next semester pa kung sumemplang ka sa isang subject. This is on a whole lot new level of reality. Am I capable to handle this kind of reality? I don’t know. It feels like there’s no room for mistake outside. This is a mind torture.

Or maybe, there’s no really a version of that. Maybe it’s not the “Real World” that I’m scared of –  my pride is at stake. Baka wala naman talagan expectations, natatakot lang ako na masira yung pride ko.


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