Let’s party!

Club/bar – it’s a magical place! Kasi nandun lahat, lahat ng ayaw ko.

1. Music – musika daw tawag nila dun, big bass, beats and shitty lyrics. Basically it’s noise according to physics.

2. Pretty girls – hot chicks wearing heavy makeups. While few girls are real beauty, but it’s somewhat disappointing to see them wearing those makeups. Para tuloy kayong puta, for real. And for the rest (of the girls), come on, why did that?! For fuck sake, it’s new year not Halloween!

3. Fashion trend – they wear such clothes because we’re living on a democratic society wherein everybody has their fucking freedom, hindi ba? Pero sa totoo lang, is it a requirement to show off your ass or boobs (and by the way, those won’t make you attractive) when going to party?

4. Big boys act – are these people dogs? Yes, as a man I would love to interact with hot girls – but I’d rather speak with them on a clean environment.

5. Girls are friendly – am I only the one who perceive this as an act of bitch? Please tell me, gusto ko malaman.

6. Space – A beautiful scenery, 3 inches or less away from another entity – like everyday picture on MRT/LRT. Fucking great, isn’t?

7. Girls wannabe – you were born as a male individual. It’s biology. Because human has the gift to choose what he wants, and the society has given you the right. Pero bakit ka magsusuot ng damit ng babae? Do you think it’s freedom? Well dress makers did those dress for female, not in between of male and female. This may sound judgmental pero I don’t think it’s appropriate, in any occasion in the society. Don’t get me wrong, hindi ako against sa kanila, it’s just annoying to see these people in inappropriate manner of clothing.

Hindi ko talaga mainitindihan kung saan yung fun sa pagputa sa bar or club. Kung may alam kayo, paki detalye please – comment it below. Salamat! XD

By the way, I got into a club last night. And I had a fucking great time observing.


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