Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works. I haven’t read any of his novel. I’m just a guy who love the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Trilogy.


The coolest wizard I’ve ever seen on a movie screen – commonly known as Gandalf.

One thing that made Gandalf  relevant to the series is that he’s somewhat a father figure to some, a good adviser, and  a loyal comrade in battles. I really like Gandalf as one of the key personalities on both trilogies because even if he’s generally more powerful than the other protagonists, the character made an equivalent contributions throughout the series. Also even if he’s a wizard, he didn’t cast any spell or some sort of magic tricks to solve conflicts, but instead he encouraged his comrades to realize that anything was possible with comrades helping each other – and that made him a cool wizard!

Also with a little help from Magneto, I mean Sir Ian McKellen, the character Gandalf was portrayed in an incredible fashion – kudos Sir Ian!


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