Crazy by Simple Plan

Tell me what’s wrong with society, when everywhere I look I see…. Is everybody going crazy?

Crazy, the 6th track from the band’s second studio album, Still Not Getting Any released in 2005.

One of the most underrated songs – Simple Plan created a song utilizing words at its simplest form. Lyrics are too simple to understand, and every stanza explicitly conveys the various social problems of the current society. I really like how the band put everything together to make the song sound so powerful, from its intro then to the smashing drum beats, to Pierre’s vocals.

Although the song echoes such message, it wasn’t able get much attention it deserve. It was not able to get into US Billboard Hot 100, and that what made me perplexed – how in Earth a song, with such powerful message, couldn’t get into the Billboard?

Well the answer is simple – everybody is crazy.

Hope, certainly not.


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