Emma Watson

An actress, model, activist, and a degree holder. She is Emma Watson – known for her role as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter film franchise.


First of, it’s not about her role on the Harry Potter film franchise that made me consider to create a tribute post for her, or because she is possessing such beauty. I found her being an amazing person due to her educational attainment, despite of earning millions of dollars from the acting industry still chose to get a degree. For me it’s something really rare from a person who gained and continuously gaining more than enough for her lifetime.

Also her stand and perspective on issue of the general public, not because I’m a feminist, actually I don’t belong to any such movement and alike, but because of her way of showing her conviction on what she believe is right – for her status on the society, it’s quite impressive. Have you heard about #HeForShe campaign, or watched her delivering her speech on United Nation?

PS: Her charm is really something – very loveable!


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