Fundamentals for IT Pros–Courtesy of MVA

Cloud computing. Virtualization. BYOD – these are the current trends on the industry that every IT pros are facing nowadays. IT pros are now being challenged to adapt to these new dominating technologies, which is why constant motivation for learning new stuff on their part is essential.

Although filling up your arsenal with new technology is a great thing to do as an IT pro, having the right understanding of its fundamentals should be first established before anything else – I can tell because I’m an IT pro, like you. That’s why I’m creating this entry for those IT pros who want to strengthen their foothold on various technology, specifically on the field of network and systems infrastructure.

The resources on this entry are mostly under the Microsoft stack.

Disclaimer: Contents of external links are property of Microsoft Virtual Academy. No copyright infringement intended. Some courses might ask you to log in before you can complete the course seminar.


In order:

1. Networking Fundamentals – this course tackles the different concepts and technology in computer networking, in small and large scale environment.

2. Understanding Active Directory – this course helps you to understand what is Active Directory, its components, how does it work, and its related services.

3. Security Fundamentals – this course presents various concepts in computer security. 

4. Exploring Windows 8 – this course introduces what’s inside Windows 8.

5. What’s New in Windows® 8.1 for IT Professionals – this course introduces what are the changes made in Windows 8.1.

6. Windows Server Fundamentals – this course shows you how to install, configure, and manage a Windows Server.

Though my list is very short, I believe those six pieces are enough to give you the fundamentals to comprehend the industry’s technologies. There’s only one thing that I can suggest to you, there’s nothing wrong getting your hands dirty once in a while, so keep learning things. Be a rockstar IT pro!


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