McAfee Avert Stinger–Throwback Technology Thursday

It’s Thursday! Thus, on this entry I will be sharing my experience in the past, still with the involvement of IT – you know, throwback, E? And because this is my very first entry for reminiscing the past, I will start on McAfee Avert Stinger, the very first antimalware I have used.

Just to give you an overview what McAfee Avert Stinger is , here is its old look:


McAfee Avert Stinger or Stinger is a free download tool from McAfee, a portable malware scanning software which allows the user to detect and remove infection, if detected.

Stinger was the reason why I took up IT course on college. It’s personal, you know?

It was year 2008 when I first met Stinger. It was the time I was merely searching for free virus remover, though without good understanding on what I was doing. I can’t really remember how I got to download it, but what is clear that I was just trying to make Stinger work – to remove malware. That I was nervously excited! The first thing got into my head was try to remove the virus on my sister’s MP3 player.

My heart was pounding really fast that time because I couldn’t tell what would happen to our computer. Will our computer get infected too? If it gets infected, what should I do?

Too many question during those seconds.

Upon inserting the device via USB port, immediately fired up Stinger and selected the MP3 player – then click Scan Now.  Scanning. What is happening? A line of text turned red. The scanning was done. An infection was detected, and Stinger was able to flush it out.

I felt I was a genius that time – I just removed a virus!

From then, I got curious how these viruses work. I started discovering new names of antivirus, comparing one antivirus to another, and everything continuously grew.

Although I’m now an IT pro, I am no longer a user of Stinger. It’s not because I don’t like it, it is because now I know how to avoid getting my flash drive infected. Still I am recommending this piece of software to those folks, IT pro or not, for malware removal in case you got an infection.

By the way, Stinger had revamped its look – and it is very sexy indeed.


Download and test it yourselves.


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