Shucks–I sucked!

To my little actions – it caused a temporary inaccessibility of file shares among users from Singapore, Hong-Kong, and little here in the Philippines.

It was just a simple task on our DNS servers: create new hosts records, and re-map the existing CNAME records to the new hosts records. That’s it! The ticket had URGENY of HIGH and PRIORITY of HIGH, given these information I jumped right on finishing the request.

But there was a special instruction – initiate the request on Sunday, not today.


Everything became history – my name is now engraved.


I started reflecting on what happened – did my heart beat so fast because of nervousness and fear of losing my job? Or is it because of excitement?

I think it was because of excitement. It’s been a while since I spoke of scavenging , time-to-live and other jargons particular to DNS realm. The excitement of trying to know what happened, what went wrong in highly technical fashion – I really missed having those kind of scenarios.

For that brief moment, I realized I do miss being on the hard core technical realm of IT.

Is it really time to get my hands dirty, again? Probably.


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