Post-It Love–Romantic Short Film

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February 14 –  it’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air – romance everywhere, couples get to a date, etc. Although I’m not really into this concept, I’m still going to dip my finger on the cake to show that I’m a part of the common society.

To show my empathy, I am sharing the most romantic film I have seen – it is short, though.


I really liked the film because it is truly an entertaining piece. Moreover, the film’s simplicity makes it very appealing – no dialogue, used of cute music scores, and thought expressions through post-it are very effective.

And on my opinion, it is far better to watch minutes-long than to a full-length romantic film that makes you yawn or check your watch. 

Nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 Tear-jerking Short Films From Thailand

“It’s alright to cry, even my dad does sometimes. So don’t wipe you eyes, tears remind you you’re alive…” – by Ed Sheeran, Hold On

According to the expression “Damn those onion cutting ninjas..!”, Asian people are particularly good on making people cry, in a good manner, through short films. 

And personally speaking, those videos are really damn good making people to tear up. That’s why I’m putting together some of these tear-jerking short films from Thailand.

Disclaimer: The I don’t own the following videos. No copyright infringement intended. The videos are not particularly about romantic love. Make sure to have some tissue near around you – you’ve been warned.

How was it? You have some other tear-jerking video from Thailand, let me know! Comment them below!

“No Choice”

Kanina sa Theology – Christian Marriage subject namin, nagkaroon ng first group activity. Sabi ng prof, “punta sa side na ‘to ang gustong magka-asawa, sa side naman na ‘to ang balak mag-pari, dun naman ang single blessedness, at sa gitna ang mga undecided…”

Napamura ako ng “Tang Ina…” Di ko alam kung saan ako pupunta. No joke. Buti na lang tinapik ako ni Kebong para sumunod sa kanya. Napunta ako sa mga magpapa-pari.

The next instruction of our professor was to list down our personal reasons why we chose to be on that group. Ito na, wala akong maisip. Buti na lang humirit si Dave ng ganito, “No choice…”

Yun ang sinulat ko.

Sa totoo lang, pwede kong i-elaborate ang No Choice na statement logically – using premise(s) and conclusion



#1 The girl I loved deserted me. (negation/ negative)
#2 The girl I like rejected me. (negation/ negative)

Therefore: No choice (negation/ negative)

Under the Rules of Validity:
*If Either Premise of a Valid Syllogism Is Negative, the Conclusion Must Be Negative; if the Conclusion Is Negative, One Premise Must Be Negative

No Choice talaga di ba?