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PowerShell – IT Pro Tool Launcher

Hello there IT pros, on this entry I’ll be sharing with you a simple script I made out of PowerShell. The tool is quite, frankly, too simple – launches some of the built-in tools on Windows – it just does that. The tool was heavily inspired by SCONFIG – a tool that allows IT pro to configure Windows Server Core boxes without really typing CLI commands.

it pro tool launcher

Here’s the download link of the script and its documentation.


As an IT pro who started his career on the GUI, it was quite fun and challenging to sit and play with the keyboard. And so much thanks to the PowerShell community for all the help!


I have been in systems administration for about 2 years now, yet I just recently learned about Sysinternals. I admit it’s such a shame.

For those who are not aware of its existence, Sysinternals is basically a set of tools (freely available here) for Windows environment administration – whether it’s a server box or a client. Sysinternals suite can be used on malware detection and removal, remote machine management, and many more – and I really meant MORE!

I strongly encourage every IT pro to learn using this suite!

Though be honest, I’m still a newbie user of this awesome toolset.

MVA has published a course about Sysinternals – and the content of the course is very good! Here’s the link to the MVA course:

Utilizing Sysinternals Tools for IT Pros

And by the way, I just completed the course! XD