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Hey! I’m doing things exactly like I want to. What part of that don’t you understand?


Why should we hire you?

And it’s like sending a message…that I am indeed a badass person.

“Why should we hire you..?” is a cliché you may hear to any interviewer. And that’s why you, the interviewee, may also give cliché answers, like “Because I’m a passionate…”, “I’m a hardworking….”, and so on.

Give and take, e?

Pure cheesiness. Holy.

But I’m Jes Yang. Give me a break.

So every time I’m being asked with this question, I’ll take a different route for my answer. And it’s like sending a message…that I am indeed a badass person.


I had an interview this morning – that’s my response to the question. And believe it or not, people who made the interview were somewhat impressed on the statement I just uttered.

I have used the context many times – it worked.

Although it might sounded too cocky, but I believe by making such response was like presenting myself as a confident guy (confidence with backbone, not just thin air) and showcasing my strong personality even on a  short moment.

And also I was just keeping akosijesyang statement as badass as possible.

Hopefully I’ll make to get into their team. Crossed-fingers!

Shucks–I sucked!

To my little actions – it caused a temporary inaccessibility of file shares among users from Singapore, Hong-Kong, and little here in the Philippines.

It was just a simple task on our DNS servers: create new hosts records, and re-map the existing CNAME records to the new hosts records. That’s it! The ticket had URGENY of HIGH and PRIORITY of HIGH, given these information I jumped right on finishing the request.

But there was a special instruction – initiate the request on Sunday, not today.


Everything became history – my name is now engraved.


I started reflecting on what happened – did my heart beat so fast because of nervousness and fear of losing my job? Or is it because of excitement?

I think it was because of excitement. It’s been a while since I spoke of scavenging , time-to-live and other jargons particular to DNS realm. The excitement of trying to know what happened, what went wrong in highly technical fashion – I really missed having those kind of scenarios.

For that brief moment, I realized I do miss being on the hard core technical realm of IT.

Is it really time to get my hands dirty, again? Probably.

Culture Shock!

First day ko kanina – most of the time, inantok ako sa office.


Photo courtesy of Internet.

Nagulat talaga ako. Iba pala talaga kapag nasa malaking kumpanya ka na. Napaka-daming processes and policies. Hindi lang siguro ako sanay sa ganung setup ng work – lahat documented na, susundin mo na lang. Although in terms of technical skills, confident ako. Pero hindi talaga sa How-To-Resolve guide. Nasanay ako na distarte ang pinapairal, or in other words: set aside the means, I want the output!

Pero in the end of the day, na-realize ko na dapat masanay na ako. Process is everything to business. It’s a form of protection also to you – basta sinunod mo kung ano yung nasa knowledge base, safe ka. Mahihirapan lang siguro ako ng kunti i-adapt yung kasi it’s a practice of discipline na matagal ng nawala sakin.


PS: Sana may gawin na sana ako.

Unemployed, e?

Last day ko sa office kahapon, so basically itong araw na ‘to ang official day na unemployed na naman ako. I’m quite proud of it, just kidding folks. Mag-early throwback nga muna ako, anu-ano na ba nagawa ko as an IT up until this moment?

I started as an IT support, pinaka maduming trabaho – literal. Mabilis lang ‘to. Then nahatak ako to manage servers. Nakapag design na pala ako ng Active Directory infrastructure, DNS architecture. Ano pa ba? RADIUS pa pala for wireless access, Firewall/UTM. Plus as lead for projects. Yung NAS pa nga pala.

Those technologies I’ve mentioned, binuo ko yun from scratch – I’m quite a bad ass, you know. E?

Last, yung cert na nakuha ko for virtualization.

Mayabang na siguro ako, or maybe I’m just too proud from what I have accomplished up until this moment. I’m confused, actually.

Maswerte lang siguro talaga ako sa napuntahan ko as a fresh grad then, I really had to push myself to create something from trash, literal na naging basurero ako in terms of IT equipment – so proud of if!

Oo nga pala, nagtuturo na ako sa mga mas matatanda sakin sa server technology, piece of cake.

May ma-mimiss ako dahil unemployed na ako:

Fast download speed, storage, maakalat kong desk, lamig ng server room at etc.



PS: Hindi ko talaga maintidihan, akala ko kung mas matagal na sa industry dapat mas magaling sakin. Pero bakit kinakain ko sila?


Jes Yang

Belle of the Boulevard by Dashboard Confessionals

We lost touch and I was sad to see how far she’d fallen. I didn’t intend to write the song about her but I sat down in the piano and the chords sounded good and suddenly there was a song there.” “Funny thing is I saw her the other day and she doesn’t know I’ve written this song about her. I can’t tell her. She’s heard the song. I hope it did make her realize it was written for her but she didn’t ask me.
– Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional